TomTom GPS Battery Replacement Service, Satellite Navigation

Welcome to our TomTom GPS/SatNav Battery Replacement Service.

Special offer of AU $55, including return shipping.

We are pleased to offer a battery fitting service for most TomTom Satellite Navigation devices on the Australian market.

Does your TomTom device suffer from short battery lifespan? We can help by replacing your Tomtom's internal battery.

Our service includes:

    * Check TomTom for functionality
    * Battery Replacement
    * Test for charging and functionality
    * Secure return shipping (Registered Post)
    * Fast Turn-Around

We currently service these TomTom models:

    * TomTom Go 300
    * TomTom Go 500
    * TomTom Go 510
    * TomTom Go 710
    * TomTom Go 720
    * TomTom Go 910
    * TomTom Go 930
    * TomTom One V1
    * TomTom One V2
    * TomTom One V3
    * TomTom One V4
    * TomTom Rider
    * TomTom One XL
    * TomTom One XLV2

How to Purchase This Service:

   1. Register for your repair ticket
   2. You will receive a Ticket Number and mailing instructions via Email
   3. Sit Back & Relax: You will be notified of the following events via email:

    * Receipt of your package
    * Service Progress & Completion
    * Return shipping to you

If you require any further information, please don't hesitate enquire within.