Contact information
Name: Roger
Fax: 0395762479 Purchase orders can be sent by fax
Phone: 0424043878 If no answer, send an email
Email: admin . at ejay dot com dot au Only emails originating from Australia will be accepted.
Before contacting:
No international calls Calls and emails from outside of Australia will be ignored
Repair Services:
  • If you wish to have your equipment repaired, you should ask for a quote. If you choose to proceed, a purchase order must then be sent through. Long delays may occur otherwise if items are sent in without approval or a purchase order.
  • Do not contact me with questions on how to fix "abc", or what parts are needed to repair "xyz". This is a repair service, not an advisory line. The information presented on this site is all that will be provided - no more.
  • If you are asking questions on how to fix "abc", you are probably not qualified. Please refer to our professional repair service or a similarly qualified technician. For your own safety, do not attempt to repair power supplies and other high-voltage appliances if you are not qualified.
Hosting service and IT support contracts: Customers who have hosting services with us will have been provided with a priority support phone number, and should use that number when calling for technical support.