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Do you have Foxtel, Optus Vision, Optusnet Cable, Telstra Bigpond cable, but want to relocate your connection to a different part of your home or office?

These companies will charge hundreds of dollars just to extend the cable and relocate the socket/outlet to another room in the same house.

Why pay them such a high premium just so you can place your new widescreen TV in a different part of your home? Don't be held ransom to their inflated prices.

We provide cable TV / cable internet socket relocation services for a fraction of the cost. All work guaranteed. Enjoy your cable TV where you want, at a price that won't hit your hip pocket hard. Got Foxtel in the formal lounge that you rarely use and would like to relocate it to your family room? Not a problem - Contact us today for a free quote.

Servicing most of the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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